The first time I looked through a microscope in my adult years was on September 16th, 2019. I got myself an OMAX microscope and some prepared slides from Celestron. The first thing I looked at were these samples of blood, cardiac muscle, small intestine and a spinal cord sample. I was amazed. But, it wasn’t until I explored some samples that I had gathered in Northern Ontario the week before that I went “WOW!!!”

I had gathered things like tree lichen, leaves, flower petals.. most of which had rotten by the time I looked at them under the microscope. But, that’s precisely what I found fascinating – turns out, I love looking at fungi and mold!

The most magnificent thing I saw, however, was a sample of a fish scale from a largemouth bass that I had caught when I was up north. The top of it looks like a seashell, but the bottom is what really caught my eye (and my imagination!). Check out these little spikes!

I was clearly hooked. My adventures have taken me to various places since then, and I’ll do my best to take you back to the start of my journey and get you all caught up with where I’m at now. Feel free to comment, especially if you know more than I do (I’m not a scientist!). I’m also open to taking requests if you want me to look at something up close, providing I can get my hands on it. 😉

Happy exploring!


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