Yay Tardigrades!

Have you ever wondered what creatures live in a drop of water? Have you ever seen a Tardigrade in real life? Can you make art with a microscope? If you’re curious, you’re in the right place!


Welcome to “A Tiny World”!

This is a website for kids and grown-ups to help you explore the tiny world all around you. Tardigrades are just one of many little creatures that you can find on your own, no matter where you live! And, if you’re new to microscopes, I’ve created a little guide for you. Click the link below, or start exploring!



It’s amazing what kind of world you can unlock by looking at water or dust or snow under a microscope! This is an ongoing project, so you’ll see more and more information added regularly.

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Beginner Guide

Interested in exploring the microscopic world? Check out this guide to get started!



So, you’ve started looking at the tiny world, and not quite sure what you’re looking at? Here’s a little guide!


Links to learn more, discover new creatures, discover artists, and other cool projects! 

A cartoon tardigrade

What is a Tardigrade?

Tardigrades are AWESOME! They are microscopic animals that have some pretty cool abilities. They can survive extreme conditions like extreme heat, extreme cold, some amounts of radiation, dehydration, pressure and more! They can only do this when they’re in their ‘protective mode’, called a “tun state”. More information on Tardigrades coming soon!

Where to find tardigrades in moss

Where can I find Tardigrades?

Tardigrades, or “water bears”, can be found almost anywhere. But they’re especially found in places that are humid, like in moss or tree lichen. Surprisingly, I found HUNDREDS of them in the tiny cracks of my concrete balcony, downtown! So, I invite you to take a sample from your own balcony and report back if you found Tardigrades! Soon, I’ll add a video to show you exactly how to find them!