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About this project

A Tiny World is a passion project.  It details one artist’s experiences and discoveries in the microscopic world.  What can we see with a microscope? What kind of art can be created with it? What does it teach us about the world, about life, and how can it prompt our imagination?  By sharing this journey with you, my hope is that maybe you’ll be inspired to get your own microscope, or to look closer at the little objects and creatures all around you!

“Hey, what’s this?!”

I’m not a scientist, so I frequently find myself wondering about what I’m looking at!  What is it, is it alive, is it dead? Is it a plant, a creature, just an artifact? Is it a fungus, is it bacteria? There are so many strange and beautiful things growing, swimming, and moving all around us!  If you have knowledge, and feel like contributing, please do!

let’s explore!

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Who are you?

“A Tiny World” was created by Julie Laurin. A software manager and an artist, Julie is deeply fascinated by the microscopic world and she wanted to create an online portal to share her journey, and explore this world with other people.

What is "A Tiny World"?

It’s an online portal where you can learn, explore and join in on Julie’s journeys and discoveries! There’s a beginner guide, a creature guide, videos and much more. It’s also a place where people can contribute their knowledge to help identify things so that other enthusiasts can use this info for future reference. “A Tiny World” exists because it’s not easy to find all the info in one place when you’re just starting out, and that’s why it was created.

What's new and what's coming soon?
  • Feb. 27th: I’ve just added the “What’s This?” page with a few unidentified things; anyone can contribute to this through the comments section!
  • COMING SOON: A How-To for photography and video for your microscope!
  • COMING SOON: A Guide on finding and collecting samples!
Where can I find cool stuff to look at?

Everywhere!! In your shower, in the soil in your houseplants, in your backyard, in local ponds, in the lichen and moss that grows on trees! Your best bet when you’re starting out is to go to a local pond and get a sample. Don’t just skim from the top of the pond – try to get a bit of dirt or plant life in there. If there’s green stuff (algae) on the top, even better – get some of that! I’ll be writing a whole guide on collecting samples, soon.

How can I help?

For now? You can share this portal with anyone who might be interested. If you’re an expert (scientist, citizen scientist or hardcore enthusiast), feel free to help identify stuff! Soon, I’ll be launching a Patreon account to help with the financial costs of this project. In the meantime, if you are feeling generous, I’ve created an Amazon Wish List. Most needed items right now are books and petri-dishes!